Waterloo Adentures


How old do I have to be to enter the Waterloo Adventures park?

You must be at least 7 years old and 45” in height to enter the Water Park.

Can I stay on the Island and enjoy your amenities after my session?

Yes. We have additional floating obstacles, beach games, lounge chairs, a food truck, bar, picnic tables, hammocks, and floating for your enjoyment.

Does the park ever close for bad weather?

Yes. We monitor the weather very closely. If lightning comes within 10 miles of the course we will shut down and reschedule your missed session for another time.

If I am entering the park but do not want to do the obstacle course, do I still have to pay?

Yes, everyone pays the same admission fee. If you do not wish to use your 45 minute session time on the obstacle course, you may transfer it to someone else.

What are your hours of operation?

Closed for the 2019 Season. Reopens May 2020.

Do you have lockers?

Yes, lockers are provided and Free to use

Are you pet friendly?

We allow service dogs only

Can I use my selfie stick on the Waterloo Adventure?

No. We don’t allow selfie sticks on the inflatables. We DO allow GoPros and cell phones- at your own risk

When do I need to show up to register for my Waterloo Adventure?

We ask you to show up 1 hour before your session time to register, sign waivers and take your boat ride to the Waterloo Adventure.

How deep is the water?

Minimum 8 feet.

Can I bring my own life jacket?

No. Participants must use life jackets provided by Waterloo Adventures.

Are life jackets provided?

Yes. Sizes Youth through Adult XXXL are available.

Do I need a reservation to enter Waterloo Adventures?

Yes. You can book your time slot at Waterlooadventures.com.

Do I need to know how to swim?

Yes. We require this for your safety.

Do I need to come with a parent or legal guardian?

If you are at least 16 years old, you may enter without a guardian as long as you have a signed waiver.

How can I pay for my session?

All reservations must be booked with a credit card or debit card

Must I sign a waiver to participate?

Yes. Every participant must sign a waiver and have a waiver on file in order to participate.

Are prices the same for adults and children?

Yes. Each Session is $56 regardless of age.

Can I wear Aqua Socks or Water Shoes?

Yes. We recommend wearing light weight aqua socks or water shoes. No regular shoes are allowed on any of the floating elements (tennis shoes, flip flops, etc.)

Are there hotels nearby?

There are multiple hotels in the area that are no more than 15-30 minutes away.

Is there anything not allowed when using the challenge course or water park?

Yes. We ask guest to NOT wear any type of jewelry as it may puncture a hole in the inflatables. Plus we are on a lake and if anything comes off it would impossible to retrieve and would be lost.

What amenities are available at Adventure Island?

Waterloo Adventures offers beach games, luxury lounge chairs, hammocks, picnic tables, float rentals, lockers and life jackets included in admission. We also offer food, beer & wine license and food truck for your enjoyment. Restroom facilities available on site.

Can we bring outside food or drink or alcoholic beverages?


Must I wear a life jacket at all times?

Yes. All participants are required to wear an approved life jacket at all times while on the equipment.

How long is each session?

45 minutes.

If I pay for a double session do I have to leave the water and attend the safety orientation again?

YES. The park is cleared of all participants at the end of each session. All participants will be required to attend the orientation again regardless of if they did it before.